Here comes...The Big Parade!

Went to a real live fashion parade on Wednesday! (Usually I'm too cheap and just watch rehearsals...)


Graduating Advanced Diploma students showed their wares alongside some visiting students from Bunka University in Japan.

Congrats to very talented Grace Cross - she won the big prize of the night - a scholarship to study at Central Saint Martins in London.

Fascinating stuff!


Inspiration and Mood Boards

My big college project this term is inspired by Sweden and in particular fairy tales illustrated by Swedish Art Nouveau artist John Bauer.  Here's my inspiration board, created in Photoshop...


In the Swim...

Cover of the selling guide presented to BillabongAt college this semester, we tackled swimwear.  My swimmers were inspired by vintage movies like Doctor No and From Here to Eternity.Every girl needs a knife belt on her bikini!

We even arranged a photo shoot - which was a bit of an eye-opener for me!  Our first model pulled out 2 days before, the next emailed me at 12.15 am on the day to say she couldn't come. Finally we found someone to shoot at 9 am on the day. Unbelieveable!



We made up a brochure of our designs and presented them to some very lovely ladies from Qld surfwear company Billabong. 


Instant tan courtesy of AdobeBraving the cold in the middle of winter...


Wha...What happened to May?

White Orchid swimwear patternLife's going by too fast! It's all been a blur of college work,  honest... here's some proof. We've been working on fabric designs in Illustrator, that are printed onto lycra at a little warehouse here in Brissie.  From there it's draw up your swimwear design and stitch it up.  Fun!  Will post the end result once it's photographed...


Sewing Obsessed? Who, me?

If sewing machines were made of icing...Suspect the family know I'm a little sewing obsessed.  They made these lovely cupcakes for me, complete with sewing machine, ironing board, scissors, thread (yes, that's a roll of thread, not toilet paper as someone guessed), pins and buttons.  Sweeeeet!