There's a Hole in my Pocket...


When you make a "Cat" apron from the In the Beginning package, it's pockets have a slash on the inside of them.  If this disturbs you greatly, try turning the slash to the outside and covering it with a patch.

There are lots of iron-on patches available, but to make your own unique label like this one (click to enlarge) ...


Here's what you'll need: click to enlarge requirements
1. Cut out patch with pinking shears.
2.  Stamp message with fabric ink pad.
3.  Heat set print by ironing.
4.  Stitch patch to pocket. 
5.  Stitch pocket to apron.




Another fun way to make your mark is to have your own personalised rubber stamp made at the local print shop.  Creative types - why not go the whole hog and work up your own logo incorporating your name like this example?  Never too early to start branding your work!