Stitches & Craft Show gets a makeover...

My craft show souvenirsCraft shows here in Brisvegas are often fairly ordinary affairs, with a good turnout from the over 60's.  But I'm pleased to report, when my sister-in-law Kia and I hit the Stitches & Craft show (  yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised at some great stuff for sewing fans.

Entry was $16, but  found heaps of freebies after that...

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Save the's the only planet with chocolate on it.

Download this free t-shirt design at isthenewblack.typepad.comToday, I'm officially starting work on Clothesline's next pattern range which has the working title "Green is the New Black".

Before you think I'm jumping on the sustainable clothing/environmentally-friendly bandwagon just because it's fashionable, let me whip out my green credentials.

Hanging on the wall in the Pool Room of my parent's house is my framed and faded degree from Griffith Uni. It's from their School of Australian Environmental Studies and dates back to the 1980's. Yep, I was a greenie before some of you were even born!

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