When I grow old...

Archie was talking about the dream he always had to have a lawn tennis court on our property.  It got me thinking...We need someone to come and play on it to make it worthwhile.  He's previously thought of offering accomodation here, but I think the problem would be...what on earth to do.  We're a bit of a drive from the beautiful Eungella, but on the way, nonetheless.  

I thought this place would make a great retirement village.  It's got beautiful views and while I'm not romanticising how much fun a retirement village is, it could be a great place for single older folk to live.  We'd have to offer...

A communal dining room and kitchen for shared meals.

Long table dinners outdoors under the stars

Tennis court that doubles as a croquet area or even volleyball, badminton, boules, beach cricket pitch-anything outdoorsy

We'd also need an indoor communal area for noisy stuff -  movies, ping pong, pool table, piano for a singalong, with a quieter section for crafting and a library.

The dining room/kitchen/indoor activities area also doubles as a meeting hall once or twice a week, so we all get to see fresh faces regularly.

As an outreach, we could even have a coffee shop like Country Charm open just for morning teas.  We'd just need someone to bake something fresh like bikkies or scones every day.  Funds go to a charity.  Leftover sweet treats get eaten after church meetings.  Items for sale could include preserves and grown produce and anything you've crafted.

Everyone needs some privacy, their own apartment (or donger!) with hotel room type facilities for brekky and lunch.  Come to the coffee shop if you need more company or invite someone over.  Room available for visitors who don't live here but come from out of town and want to catch up (but book ahead!) 

Community gardens provide outdoorsy work and fresh produce.

One shared meal a day is very " fine dining" as we're only giving you a tiny portion but we present it nicely as 2 or 3 courses.

Little bus takes you on outing twice a week.  Once for fun, once for shopping.  Those who still drive can offer a taxi service and be paid or paid in kind with bartered items, should folk need to visit doctors, other appointments etc.

No whining about sicknesses, but a prayer meeting held every morning to pray for those who need it.

Mainly I see the village as a place to continue fellowshipping into your old age and not be isolated if you are widowed and alone and at the mercy of people remembering to come visit you.  Folk need to have the mindset of being helpful and useful to each other and the broader community.

That's where I'd like to live when I grow old...  Our mission: to grow older gracefully serving God and others all the days of our lives.



Begin it now...

Just watched a lovely piece in a Creativebug class on fabric design.  Was it Heather Ross or Lizzy House who said, if she'd planted an orchard 20 years ago, how fruitful and beautiful would it be today?  The takeaway message...begin it today.  Some small step...some tiny seed planted today will still be a tiny seedling in a week, but in twenty years time... watch out!

Each day's task seems so small and fruitless in my grand plan to make a living out of my own creativity. I do realise that working as Woolies would bring in a faster income. Met the lovely Monalisa ( yes, her real name) who is working the checkout at Woolies.  She once had her own Thai restaurant (Elephant Jump - what a name!) but sold it. I'm sure it's a lot easier for her to pay the bills working at Woolies, but the glint in your eye definitely is fading.

So we soldier on.  Today I'm uploading a video to you-tube on how to apply snaps.  Small stuff but it's a start. It's a seed...



Moving right along...

I have a new website at  Please visit me there to see what I've been up to lately!


All Over, Red Rover!

Thoroughly exhaustimicated at the end of term.  I promise you I worked harder for this quaint little TAFE course, than I ever did to earn a degree! To finish the course we have a College Parade, which is a bit like a graduation ceremony, but with more chandeliers and bling.  Although I was thinking "Don't trip!" and "Stand that collar up!" and the like, it's still quite satisfying to see your garments being tromped down the catwalk by a bunch of Amazonian women.  

Sorry I don't have photos from the parade, but here's the outfits I made on some of our lovely students.  Thanks to Lynette Rees for the great shots.StasiIvyAnn


Technical drawings, fabric swatches and toiles!

Hand drawn sketch in ink and conte crayonWorking from my mood board (see previous blog entry!) I hand draw sketches of what I'm going to make. 

For more clarity, these can also be translated into a technical drawing on a computer drawing program.Technical drawing in Adobe Illustrator


Patterns are drawn up by hand and a toile or test garment pieced together.  At college, we have rolls and rolls of fabric oddments to cobble toiles together.  At home, I like to pick up cheap fabric from op shops for testing patterns.  It can be a bit of an eyesore, but it's great for trialling. Here's a snap taken in our college studio...


Test garment made of scrap fabrics!








Love collecting fabric swatches from stores until I make my mind up!But you can relax, the final garment will be made in lovely ice-cream coloured silks and organzas.  Can't wait!