Carmen Hing Fay, co-creator of Clothesline, is currently a fashion design and technology student at MSIT in Brisbane.  She likes studying - prior bouts with the education system yielded a degree in Environmental Studies (Griffith Uni) and an Associate Diploma in Photography from Qld College of Art. 

She has worked in a number of creative industries - Visual Merchandising, Graphic Design, Event Styling and for 7 years ran In the Window, her own window dressing business.

A big thank you to:

  • The late Mrs Quinn - her private dressmaking lessons at age 13 started a life-long love of sewing
  • The Great Creator who gives us the desire to cultivate our creativity.


ABN: 130 369 30014

Tel:  07 3390 4487

Email:  carmen@clotheslinehangout.com